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Get in touch to reserve for events: 30-person limit 

Gardens/ Terraces/ Summer hut & pool 

Season 1 | 1 December - 1 January 

 Price per session (24hrs): GHS1500

Season 2 | All other months 

 Price per session (24hrs): GHS2550

Reservations subject are to confirmation and approval.



Savour as creative and restorative fuel … intimate events through artful sets, scenes and sites.

Events cater to cozy groups normally through ranges of 1 to 3/ 30 persons; depending on the type of event, the hosting space and experience partners 

Reservations subject are to confirmation.



Season 1 | 1 December - 1 January 

2-night minimum stay

 Price per night: GHS689

Season 2 | All other months 

2-night minimum stay

 Price per night: GHS530

Not suitable for children under 3 years old as cots are not available

Maximum capacity: 4 adults



Currently not available for booking. 

Tucked on lush expansive grounds, a villa in paprika tinged with blue accents contrasts a residence in white cast with black highlights. BlueGreenPaprika is a love letter to tropical design and lifestyle with its open and shaded terraces, cozy nooks circled by verdant species and wafting breezes that send scintillating ripples over the pool – proposing a refreshing dip.


Entranced by a wide shaded open air terrace that breaks the transition from outside to inside, the villa’s doors lead into a corridor lobbying the kitchenette with either end facing onto the respective rooms; which loop to the opposite corridor. This avenue proposes the bathroom on the interior and the outdoor terrace fitted with a shower on the exterior, looping back to the entry corridor and living terrace.


The path from the villa’s porch lead to the pool and hut surrounded by a refreshing scene that unfolds with the gaze; this lounging spot is tucked in a corner of the property enclaved by lush and colourful blooms: paradise birds, broody willows, dracaenas, ferns, evergreens …


The villa presents a functional exhibition by Cult Meraki; objects, products and sets for experience and order. Aside stays, the venue also hosts events. Our gardens are divided into the 2 zones; the rear garden is reserved for the host and guests of the villa, while the front garden is open for events and experiences.

The trees on site nest chattering avians – kingfishers, hornbills, parakeets, barbets, starlings, coucals, hoopoes, crows and plantain-eaters – that perch and swoon on the canopies to the scat and whistle of the winds. The residence has 3 dogs; an ageing patriarch –13! and two exuberant pups.


Blue Green Paprika sets a serene haven in the bustling city of Accra. The residence was revamped out of a decrepit property resplendent in the 70’s by Architect Cleland Tevie. It imprints with an artful and eccentric palette that is a play on hue and texture, light and shadow, soft and bold, bright and mellow.

Grounded in a central part of the city, the venue is an easy pace to many burgeoning scenes that fuel Accra’s bustling and creative spirit.

The Villa has two rooms, terraces - indoor/outdoor  living areas, a kitchenette  and a shared bathroom with shared access (with the  main residence) to the summerhut and pool.

Stays are limited to a maximum of 4 people.



Our lush gardens and terraces are peak for intimate events – dinings, picnics, book clubs and such. Lounge out on soft rugs, throws and pillows in a resplendent setting.

Events are limited to a maximum of 15 people.




For artists and creatives. The residency focuses on the effect of rest and space on inspiration, process and living.

by invitation




rest. create. work. swim. lounge, observe - birds, plants, hues, textures


explore refreshing palettes of salads, mains, grills... and other culinary delights 


catch your breath and then challenge it ... condition your flexibility and mobility


BLUE GREEN PAPRIKA is in Tesano, easily within reach of many of the city's vibrant scenes for creativity, culture, and lifestyle.

Landmark | Greenline Juice & Smoothies 

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Savour rejuvenating moments immersed in cozy and artful sets in our garden/ pool & hut area

Picnic | Front Garden

 cater to groups through ranges of 1 – 

15 persons.

Pool Day | Hut & Pool

  cater to groups through ranges of 1 –

4/ persons

Reservations are subject to confirmation and a 2-day notice



Photo Shoots | 

 Full day : 10hrs

Half day : 5hrs.  

Video Shoots | 

Full day : 10hrs

Half day : 5hrs.   

Reservations are subject to confirmation and a 2- day notice period


2-night minimum stay. 

The villa accommodates up to 4 adults. 

Reservations are subject to confirmation and 2-day notice period

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