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a collection of buildings and projects making things:

for more inspiration, awareness and education in our communities, 

connecting locale to world through art, design and culture

Arthaus is a creative space for the intersection of artists in Ghana, Africa and the world. It creates an opportunity to work in an environment of giving, sharing, dialogue and creativity, thus bridging the gap between knowledge and practice. Artists' residencies and creative labs develop ideas, facilitating the “transfer of ideas and technology", for upgrading of knowledge in art, environment and culture. The goal is to experiment with existing traditional art forms, and to come up with new ways of expression, by the fusion of students, professional artists and master crafts people.


For its 7th building prototype, Arthaus frames on a system inspired by the shack, common icon for trade alongside traffic routes.

The studio elevated above street level and surrounded by blooms and trees, and a backyard farm. The venue is elevated above street level. The leafy grounds unfurl two ramps up to the landing. There, a massive door – made of wooden planks framed in steel – opens into the lobby facing the bar. Towards the counter, the first activity space recedes to the north end, while the second stands at the south end where a steel door leads to the outdoor working zone. Behind the bar holds supporting spaces: kitchen, a storage and sanitation area.

The buildings fabric is constructed of materials and labour sourced within 20-minutes of the site. A majority of the aluminium sheets for the roof were salvaged and repaired, – installed in a double decker system to render any remaining pinholes inconsequential. The space is finished in a plain plaster inscribed with concentric doodles. The architecture draws on the passive sensibilities that deepen experience within building. The position of mature trees on site guide the form play,  enhancing shading and an optimal orientation for thermal advantage. The fenestration aids cross-ventilation and stack-effect, with hot air out of the building through windows at high levels. 


The prototype serves an alternative and sustainable model suited to local production for energy-efficient construction. Offcuts preserved from construction were used for complementary objects such as the outdoor light fixtures (from steel and glass sections), the rafter ceiling at the bar (from wood sections), and other material based installations on the grounds from remaining leftovers to diminish the waste from building. 

The studio is designed and built by artist-designer Kofi Setordji, alongside mason Franky, his apprentice Gunshot, and carpenter Pinto. Dubbed ‘shack architecture’ the model prototypes for ‘Locale go’, a flexible design and sytemtic design and build kit by Cult Meraki.



Ground yourself in connection to basics and nature, understanding the energies that fuel and sustain living


Escape to our verdant grounds and catch your breath - think, read, write and spend some time among the trees, maybe with a refreshing beverage in hand 






*up to groups of 8



TIE & DYE / ...



*up to groups of 8

coming soon



custom programmes: CASTING /CLAY/ POTTERY ...

CUSTOM / book for individuals or groups

*up to 8 people 



DINING / soul food

RESIDENCIES / by invitation

coming soon


ARTHAUS is in Mampong, an escape out of accra and is easily accessible  right-off the highway.

Landmark | demonstration school for the Deaf

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