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At the heart the formerly glorious industrial area ,DAA , rejigged out of an old building.

 A new form out of the slants of conservation and preservation to present a space for conversation and silence; activity and rest; distraction and flow,  the space imbues an elemental play that strikes at boredom with versatility, and distraction with essence. 

Alternatively 'Crackzone',  DAA is a sphere were absurdity and practicality find each other; in material, form, and sensibility. The space will be activated by a collective of artists, designers and makers under the nebulous Cult Meraki as a place for artistic thrills, conversation, and deep living showcasing that creative praxis can be a critical tool for uplifting lifestyle. 

… conception begins by purging, carving out a flowing expanse of breadth, a deeper breath moving heaviness to fading memory …


Making the site started with overhauling the walls marked x out of the scheme. The slow process took from chipping through stout walls typical of 60’s construction to reduce most of the interior divisions, amalgamating 3 previously bound spaces into 1; and then ringing a frame to support the deck above – for a succeeding setting. 

The scheme seeks to present multiple atmospheres: hollow yet full, elemental yet minutiae, for a space that stirs, whether stillness or raucous, emptiness or abundance. Daa is placed for deep living, creating a safe openness to imprint thought or form; through exercises of creativity, erudition and lifestyle. 


The breeze block entrance sets a grand swing to the screened terrace that bends to lead down the side of the building to the private garden. The terrace is an antechamber into the living and working space the floor to beam window-doors hem in. The area unfolds in 6 sections set on 3 rows along 2 columns; the first holds the living/working zone, the middle band holds the bedroom/ private zone and the dining/ staging area, with the third row hosting the kitchen/ lab, storage, and bathroom space. A corridor between the bedroom space, and bathroom connects to the side of the building, entrancing the private yard.


To expand breath for activities: the bedroom/ private zone consolidates into a larger working space, with the kitchen, storage, bathroom as auxiliaries.The space is set to the sense of a psyche in progress – flexing, forming, solidifying; inspired by the process of working plaster – the material that the studio is a base for. The scheme plays on variance, composing a sequence of contradiction; planes and plinths, solids and voids, straights and curves, flat and raised. The architecture moods on basics, elements; dot, line, texture, form, and principles; balance, symmetry, rhythm, proportion; and is inspired by Daa Laura, a cherished grandmother.

The villa has 1.5  rooms suitable for 2-4 people


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Workshops are suitable for groups of up to 10

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deep living

life's moments distilled to the pace that drips presence and immersion whether work, respite, cuisine or rejuvenation


designed to get creativity and progress flowing, loose yourself and then find it , get that project going

plus more 

explore add-on experiences from our partners [creatives, guides, chefs and trainers] for more grounded and moment breaking escapades

DAA is in North Kaneshie, plugged close to the city's heart and a breeze away from many of accra's cultural spheres

Landmark | Lakeside Clinic

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