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a collection of buildings and projects making things:

for more inspiration, awareness and education in our communities, 

connecting locale to world through art, design and culture

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At the heart the formerly glorious industrial area ,DAA , rejigged out of an old building.

 A new form out of the slants of conservation and preservation to present a space for conversation and silence; activity and rest; distraction and flow,  the space imbues an elemental play that strikes at boredom with versatility, and distraction with essence. 

Alternatively 'Crackzone',  DAA is a sphere were absurdity and practicality find each other; in material, form, and sensibility. The space will be activated by a collective of artists, designers and makers under the nebulous Cult Meraki as a place for artistic thrills, conversation, and deep living showcasing that creative praxis can be a critical tool for uplifting lifestyle. 

As our worlds connect faster on digital tracks, the creation and dissemination of art and culture turns hyper. The neurotic consumption of ‘content’ spins-off questions on the exchange quality between muse and artist. To better fulfil cycles of inspiration between practices and communities, the witness explores distributing the agency of visual communication for world-building. By engaging local entities, it aims representation by a less extractive template, returning the ‘end image’ to the muse. The project pairs developing the local gaze with the burgeoning external one, facilitating creative exchange on more inclusive terms beyond art and media.

The witness operates mobile display pods with online databases for exhibitions at community and institution scale. The pods have flexible material profiles (clear & opaque) and spatial configurations for showcases in public spaces and uneven terrains. Website and social media catalogue activations for online engagement and reference, with an end-publications(book) following each biannual program. By combining both physical and digital platforms to bolster engagement, the Witness caters to growing audiences for African-inspired images, harnessing storytelling for progress. It also bridges stories from other African countries and diasporas, threading common histories and cultures.

The Witness Project stages interventions for democratic exhibition-making, connecting visuals with origin environments to archive interactions of life-in-progress. It sets ‘ground discussions’ on experiences between time, people and space; concerning local areas with conversations influencing lifestyle, progress and potential. Featured Witness residents explore deeper relations with their locales, advocating for awareness, representation, culture and critique on social, political and environmental issues.


The villa has 1.5  rooms suitable for 2-4 people


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coming/ Novembe

+ stay 1


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Workshops are suitable for groups of up to 10

ART / ...

DESIGN / ...

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+ programmes


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By invitation and appointment 


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+ events


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deep living

life's moments distilled to the pace that drips presence and immersion whether work, respite, cuisine or rejuvenation


designed to get creativity and progress flowing, loose yourself and then find it , get that project going

plus more 

explore add-on experiences from our partners [creatives, guides, chefs and trainers] for more grounded and moment breaking escapades

DAA is in North Kaneshie, plugged close to the city's heart and a breeze away from many of accra's cultural spheres

Landmark | Lakeside Clinic


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